TCS codevita2020

I want to ask that since questions of codevita are different so it might be possible that some of us get easier and some get tougher one.So how the ranks are decided because few of us who got easier would be able to do more questions and rest with less questions



It all depends on weightage of questions.

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how would u know that u got partial marks in tcscodevita

there is nothing like partial marking in codevita

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Can anyone help me with this problem from TCS CODEvita after contest ends today???
@ssrivastava @harisisbatman
Kindly if others also can provide me some insight…it would be of great help.

I am not sure… If they give more points/marks to difficult problems as compared to easier ones, then why don’t they mention it during the contest. Every question should have specific points/marks assigned to it. Right? @sam

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@amish19 I think that if they mark each questions with points, then every student will try to solve certain amount of points. And TCS has its own cut off every year. If they reveal the points of question then student try to surpass the cutoff points of previous year.
And every student who score cutoff points they would go to next round .

TCS want best of best candidates for the contest.

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I think this can be solved using dp

If you can kindly elaborate your approach

the dp state would be the current index (say i)
then you need to choose the maximum answer
1)max( (sum of all elements from k to i) + dp[k-2] ) [for all k between i-x+1 to i]