TCS NQT 2021 Digital Interview Results

you are from premium college.??

Guys, I got ninja offer through codeVita. But I could only score 1250+ in nqt. Am I eligible for NQT that is scheduled in jan 2021?

I had my interview yesterday which is 15th Dec,2020. The interviewer told me that I will receive an email only if I am selected or else wise you wont.

was yout interview for ninja or digital

TCS Ninja

There are many rumours that for some of the colleges ( Premium ones ), the result has been published yesterday. Can anyone validate this if any of their friends or they themself have received the same.

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Ya its true. They have released results for many colleges. Though I do not know if all of them are their premium colleges or not…

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They are have sent the results for colleges that have a tie up with TCS, I have heard.


Any such college name which you guys can mention ?? where u have heard results are declared

Yes Bro, Verified yesterday. Heritage Institute of Technology, Kolkata


I heard about SRM in south and Calcutta University

what about for others, TCS NQT . I just had my tcs ninja interview

The results as a whole is declared there —> NQT + digital

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Yes techno India, Kolkata students also got their offer letter directly in next step for those who gave nqt.

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when did they attend their interview bro?

Yes I too heard about that, but mostly in January tentatively first week they have to announce that results for whoever got selected in interview, and they will send rejection mail too

Well people here, who have given the interviews, can you tell me how was everyone’s technical round?

I had my digital interview on 24th. They only asked questions related to my project. I did a computer vision project, so questions were mostly from machine learning, deep learning and image processing.

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i had my ninja interview dec 15, my technical part was about oracle java as I had the certificate .they asked me about oracle alone and one of my projects, i had my hr interview too

Has anyone from Kolkata region received results of TCS NQT ? Also I wanted to know if anyone gave digital interview but is shortlisted for Ninja profile.