TCS NQT crashed for me

Has the TCQ NQT crashed for everyone?
My slot was from 8-11 am
and admist the test, after I completed 2 questions, it gave an error of no internet connection and threw me out of the test.
I am unable to login.
Is this a problem with everyone?


Yes the same happened with me as well and it’s been 1 hour and still not opening

The same happened with me also.
Even the live chat is not opening…

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The same thing happened to me. I contacted them via live chat. They said clear cache and browser history and launch again. I tried, but the page is still unresponsive.

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Official told that they are fixing the issue

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rough work in screen only? no pen and paper allowed even if visible??

In-case you were not able to complete the exam or lost time due to interruptions, be rest assured that you will be provided ANOTHER ATTEMPT for NQT. Next Attempt date and time will be shared by 25th Oct End of Day

for whom it does not crash ? :stuck_out_tongue:

My slot was from 8-11 am. My registration process successfully completed But when the exam opened, it did not open, it gave an error of Internet connection I am unable to login and I could not take the exam