TCS NQT Dry Run Test

I got on 27th

Have you qualified for Ninja earlier?

I am in 3rd year.

There was a problem in the coding section .There was no option for any compiler and only launch button which was present was not responsive.


Are you not using latest version of chrome Or mozilla? This has happened with me also because launcher was automatically selecting Internet Explorer as the default option. And I couldn’t use chrome. I just reinstalled and it worked. Also, make mozilla Or chrome as your default browser. Give it a try, this may work. @rah_1_23


There was no option for google chrome or Mozilla in my IBA launcher.
Will I get an option of google chrome if I install the latest version of google chrome.

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thanks @dplyr .
i just uninstalled chrome and reinstalled it, and set default brower to chrome in settings
(as promted) now IBA launcher has google chrome option available.Hope chrome will solve server unresponsive issue in middle of test.

Were u able to compete 3 hrs test unterrupted??

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Yes, bro I was able to complete it without any interruption.

Yes bro, just uninstall the current version of chrome. And install the exe (if you are using windows) from the official website. Once you reinstall it, the moment you get the option to select chrome as default browser, choose it. And then you will find chrome as an option in drop down menu in launcher.

Yeah I too got 27 oct as slot…

Anyone from 2021 batch who got 27 oct as nqt slot?

yep, I got on 27th.

your year of passing is 2021 right?

Hi , Did Chrome solve unresponsiveness server issue that came in the middle of the test? Were you able to complete the 3 hour test without any issues??please let me know
Because even i faced the same issue during DRC check and now did the steps you mentioned .Hope the exam goes smoothly for me