TCS NQT Dry Run Test

anyone sucessfully completed Dry Run Test???
server not responding in middle of test. happened twice.

My low end laptop (updated win10 few days ago) only had Internet explorer option in launcher app (no chrome option available).
Had this issue of server not responding in middle.

I opened my other high end laptop(window 10 not updated recently) had chrome option(amazed by it)
I successfully completed dry run test( In remaining time) in this laptop.

I think changing from internet explorer to chrome solved it.
But i dont know what combination led to chrome option available.

Yess Happened with many of my friends…
Just right shift + Esc And launch the test again

Could anyone launch the iLEON App? I am getting upgrading failed

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Same here

I am using ubuntu OS and I am getting the same error

app does not work in ubuntu 20 and 18, try in ubuntu 16 or windows

Tried Ubuntu 16 also…
But now it is showing “Device not supported”

How can I switch to chrome browser?

Is there any way by which we can shift to their online centre ??

u can mail them, as now u cant edit the application.

already mailed them on - haven’t heard anything back from them. Additionally, one of my friends faced a problem with windows OS because the defender was on and he was prompted to shut the antivirus but after disabling the antivirus he couldn’t connect to the test. I think once you are interrupted in the middle of a test it’s very difficult to run the app and continue.

I miss the DRC window and wasn’t able to give the test … Will there be any problem for me in the final tests?

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Tomorrow 7.30 am is final DRC check

So will there be a problem if i miss it ir don’t attempt it?

IR or DRC was just to see ur system working capability.
U will be allowed to sit in exam but u risk of having system issue(not completing exam)
if not successfully completed IR or DRC , they recommended to give test in their centre.
all this was mentioned in my mail few days ago.

No problem. But I suggest you to take it.

Guys, when launched IBA launcher, I couldn’t see chrome or mozilla to select. Instead the only option I get is of Internet Explorer to choose for the assessment. How can I choose chrome?It is installed in my system, but not showing up in the list.

Did anyone receive the mail regarding TCS NQT test date and time?

Yes received. Also it has been uploaded on Tcs Ion website(Check Dashboard section)

some people received the test date on 27th.

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