TCS NQT : Experience & Result Announce Date

How was it? Please Share your Experience, and any news of Results date?

Result announcement date - 1st Nov, as per TCS HR

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Everything was fine but if we talk about coding section it was horrible. Questions were quite easy ( mainly focused on if and switch rather than concept ) but input pattern was not clear. How to take input was different from how it was really taken. Written small ‘y’ but taken capital ‘Y’ and similarly many more mistakes.


I opted for centre for TCS NQT , I just got one question for coding,the other one got skipped within a minute. Anyone faced the same situation like me?

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For me the test didn’t even start from the launcher. I tried an couple of times and all I got was a white screen and nothing else. Don’t know what went wrong with me.

many did, mail them

Your are quite right , the input pattern was not clear.
There was no mention if they want capital letter or small letter as i/p.
Experience with their compiler was horrible .

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did anyone else got result date as 1st Nov from TCS HR?

me too

I think All India NQT students who opted for centre faced the same problem. So one problem will be considered for those, I hope.

Tcs compiler is horrible. Suppose I want to write

In the compiler, it shows as
Unnecessary commas and question marks are automatically typed.
Moreover, as mentioned questions were not clear and also the input format.

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is there some update regarding the result dates. anyone ?

I don’t think so. Tentatively it was supposed to be declared on 1st. But so far no updates!

Dear Candidate,

TCS NQT planned for OCT 2020 is over. Thank you for participating in the NQT.

For those of you who have completed the exam, be informed that results processing is in progress and we will share your NQT Score within a week’s time. We will inform the completion status, over email, once the scores are ready.

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