Team-mate for IEM Coding Olympiad

Hello everyone,

IEM Coding Olympiad is scheduled on 31st July. It is a team event, where the minimum number of participants in a team is 2 and max 3. I am looking for a teammate. So, if anyone is interested to join, please respond. Also, if you already have a team and if there is any place, feel free to consider me.

PS: I use Python.

kk. You could join my team.
Just give me your whatsapp number, so I can message you the name and password stuff

Shouldn’t the teams be from the same college ?

I don’t think so.

not necessarily

i added your name to team members, you should get a team invite on your account page

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can you share the link of the contest ??

Click here
[consider joining our team please :flushed:]