Teams that are not interested to go for kanpur onsite round

If your team name is among top 120 teams selected for kanpur regional and if you are not interested in participating at kanpur regionals please reply to this post, because my team is on 106th possition, then it will be clear if my team has a chance on getting selected for kanpur.
Please help.
Kanpur Regional Ranklist :

Bro My team’s rank is 104.
Is there any chance for the teams like us to selected for onsite round.
Plz comment…

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If it is 104 among teams who applied for kanpur then you if 4-5 teams above you dont go for kanpur then you will get it

Is this official rank list?

Does it works this way :thinking: ? I mean if a team isn’t interested to go to Kanpur, then the next team would be given opportunity or is it that Regional Director releases a final selected list that doesn’t depend on weather a team is interested or not

Yes, when the regional director releases the list and if you dont give accpetance, then the teams after you will be given opportunity

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So does it also means that if a Team that comes 1st from his college isn’t interested, then the 2nd team from college would be treated as first, and it’d get a chance in Regionals

No things dont work this way.
RCD releases seleted teams and waitlist teams. No second team in a college is present in that list.

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is there any list, having teams which are registered for kanpur?
our team also registered but it is not in the ranklist.

Is there any ranklist released yet…? I mean for the teams going for Kanpur regionals…?

If you have one can you please share some link…
I can only find this but it is not yet updated and shows no data…

@aryanc403 When to expect the official list of selected teams for each site??