Techgig code gladiator finals 2019

I want to know how many of us are coming in finals of Techgig JIO Code-Gladiator 2019 finals in Bombay which is on 23rd June .

PS : specially from Jaipur OR from Rajasthan.

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During the 2nd round, I was on a Kashmir trip and hence couldn’t solve any question. I regret not being selected for finals :frowning:

Last year u gave or not…

@prince_gupta @samarthtandon are u coming guyzzz…

No this was my first time. Anyways, this year will be my first time to icpc, really excited!!!

Icpc?? But vo to ho Chuka na ya 2020 ki baat krre ho…

Obviously 2020, isme bataane ki kya zaroorat bhai.

I’ll be going too :slight_smile:


No I won’t be coming for the finals

yes I’m coming…

Nice me and my friend arrived…

is it possible to get the link of questions in round1 and round 2 now?

May be, visit their site hope they available

Can we met samarth ,

how much you score in the contest…??

How much did you score in the contest…??

its bad only 100pts…

The people who came in top 5 scored ~250-300 I guess . will they release a leaderboard which has scores of all participants?

nope…[cover 20 char]

I did two question ( partially 1 and 2 )
Can u plz send me your code @samarthtandon for 1st question , and I want to meet to you but I will not able to find u ( I tried most of the Id cards ) in contest I saw @abdullah768 too… But due to some hegitation( because I think they are with friends ) I didn’t meet ,…and the thing about winner is
1 310+ marks
2 250 marks ( madhav sainee which is my new friend and it’s awesome)
3 210 + but less than 250
4 210 marks ( jatin yadav 7star coder)
5 150+ but less than 210

Full experience is coming soon , I will tell my experience which is amazing.

Send me code for 1st question which is based on suffix trees suffix array and LCP array.
I tried to implement but …:pensive: