Techgig Code-Gladiators 2020 (winner -Himanshu Singh)

Hello coders … Techgig Code gladiators is back.
Code Gladiators is an annual coding competition by TechGig, that draws the best and the brightest coding talent from all over the world. With multiple contests in emerging technologies and the coveted title of Code Gladiators up for grabs, the competition sees enthusiastic participation and has grown from strength to strength with each passing year.

Last year I and some of my friends and very good coders from the cp community went to finals …it was an awesome experience.

Now the contest has 3 Rounds -
Round 1: - 23 March 2020 to 1 June 2020 ( consist 2 coding questions ) [ due to corona they extend 1st round from 53 days to 72 days]
Round 2: Approx 4 June 2020 to 18 June 2020 (Techgig select top performers basis on no. of participation)
Round 3: Final Face-Off - 17/18/19 July 2020

And in this event, its not just for programmers in this event some amazing theme-based competition also there like RPA, Cloud, Fintech, IoT and many more.

Prizes in the Coding Competition

Winner : 3,00,000/- ₹

Ist runner up : 2,50,000/- ₹

IInd runner up : 1,75,000/- ₹

IIIrd runner up : 1,25,000/- ₹

IVth runner up : 1,00,000/- ₹

Best Female Coder : 50,000/- ₹

Prizes in the Theme-Based Competition

Winner : 1,50,000/- ₹

Ist runner up : 1,25,000/- ₹

IInd runner up : 75,000/- ₹

So don’t wait Register Here

I invite @l_returns @vijju123 @nuttela @akshay_1 @pradeep195 @aryanc403 @s5960r @rahuldugar @chayanj450 @hetp111 @nishant403 and all my cp friends Register and compete.

PS : I just sharing this to acknowledge about this amazing event.

EDIT 1 : Round 1Results [ check on each page ]

EDIT 2 : Semifinal Results[ check on each page ]


It is team contest or solo??

If anyone have any type of query i will answer all of them ( if i m able to ) .

solo …( 20 charrrrrrrrrrrrr)

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You have qualified in last year can you tell approx how many people take part and how many make into finals??

it depends …in final round approx 300 people were there … it may increase too ( as it depends on no. of participation) …in first round i think approx more than 80k participants were there.

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Okay bhai Thanks :blush:
But 80 k is too high maybe max 50k.
Maybe I’m wrong just sharing my views.

no broooooo …its fking hugeee…see the first round running at least 1month 20 days .

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Are school students eligible to participate @ssrivastava990 ?

Who can participate in the Open Contest?

Everyone who loves coding can participate in the contest.

(this is from help section)

I think anyone can particpate … bcz last year even my father’s age person are come for this competition so u can too…and one more i sent mail for the same …when they reply i will tell u .

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Ah, sure! Thanks! Please update this thread after you receive the reply for the mail :slight_smile:

yeah but u can register broo … .

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I wanted to register, but I saw no field to enter school name. Instead, the student page only has an option for college name. Hence I was confused as to whether I’ll put my school name in the “college name” field.

ok don’t worry then i will tell as soon as they reply me :slight_smile:

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@ssrivastava990 Can other countries person participate in this?
Because, In city section there is no system for typing city name but there is system to select city.

Are any of these rounds onsite?

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Round 1 and Round 2 is online.

I think it’s only for Indians…but wait I mailed this issue too …so when they reply I will tell u.

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U can put your school name … and if it doesn’t there then i think there is option of “others” but basically when we went to finals they check our Aadhar card not clg ID card.


Thanks, I will wait!

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