Techgig Code Gladiators qualification

So I found out about this contest recently and tried out the open round. The problems were pretty easy and I was able to solve it in 5 mins. Now when I checked out the leaderboard, I found out that people at top had solved solved both questions in < 20 secs. Its pretty obvious that these people have already seen the question and submitted the ready code using a new account.

Now my question is, How do they select who goes to the next round based on this completely useless round? I read that around 800 people qualify from open round but literally everyone in top 1000 have solved both in < 1min.

Can anyone explain how the selection works? Or tag someone who participated last year? Thanks!

can u please share the details of this contest ? On which platform this contest was conducted or maybe u can help by providing the contest link

Its apparently some huge contest and prizes are crazy high.

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thanks a lot for sharing :smiley: