TechGig Geek Goddess 2020 Coding Contest (only for girls)

TechGig Geek Goddess 2020 Coding Contest

In this contest , there will be 3 types of challenges which is for girls only -

  1. Coding Challenge

    Champion INR 1,50,000

    1st Runner up INR 1,00,000

    2nd Runner up INR 75,000

    3rd Runner up INR 50,000

    4th Runner up INR 25,000

  2. Tech Aptitude Challenge

    Upto 8k

  3. Data Science Challenge

    Champion INR 75,000

    1st Runner up INR 25,000

Participate [ only girls ] and stand a chance to win 1.5 Lakh prize money .

Contest Link : Geek Goddess 2020

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Another Sexist Contest …!!!


why cp has this tradition of conducting contest for girls…never seen boys contest being held hackerank hackearth they have girls contest

For so called " Women Empowerment " :man_shrugging:

They want gender diversity🙂

Gender diversity at the cost of making girls incompetent which will lead to further hatred between genders… They are indeed forcing gender diversity which isn’t required. There is female domination in the nursing sector, why isn’t there gender diversity-based hiring for men only. This so-called “Women Empowerment” will backfire for sure.