Testcase Generator Website

I developed the testcase generator website [Testcase Generator](htt ps://testcase-generator67.netlify.app/) for competitive programmers.

Generating test cases is a significant part of creating problems in competitive programming. However, there is not any prepared website that is designed for this task and problem setters should use some programming languages to prepare test cases. Moreover, these written scripts are used to create test cases for a specific single problem.

After analyzing input formats in competitive programming websites, I thought that many of these formats can be generalizable and producible.

Some of doable things on this website are:

  • Generating basic types: integer, floating number, string, char, and pair.
  • Generating 1-D, and 2-D arrays of basic types.
  • Creating a tree/graph with many features such as acyclic, connected, multiple edges, and self loops.
  • Defining variables such as (n, m, k) and using them later.
  • Constraining sum of variables among all testcases.
  • Formatting input files.

Lots of weeks were spent to finish the frontend and backend of this project and Iā€™m proud of providing this service to the amazing community of Competitive Programmers.

You can support me if you want or love the website :coffee: (via BuyMeCoffee button on the website)

Note: Currently, website is designed for computers not for mobile phones since testcase generations are done via computers generally.

Website Link: htt ps://testcase-generator67.netlify.app/

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