Text Solutions Visibility

Hello CodeChef, this is humble request from my side and thousands of other coders, please make available the text solutions for problems for all members (pro/non pro) permanently. Making available text solutions for a limited period of time and asking for pro subscription for further access to editorials simply hinders the learning progress of coders and restricts practice.

I respect and understand the business aspect of the platform through introduction of CodeChef Pro, CodeChef provide extra services to coders and that’s perfectly fine you are charging for that service. But monetizing the editorial aspect (especially text one) does not make much sense since not all people can afford Pro. You can surely provide extra facilities like video editorials to the Pro members, but atleast the text editorials should be available to everyone, all the time.
Since they are available for only limited period of time, users cannot practice problems from past contests as they have no access to editorials.

If this keeps on going for a long time, the platform might lose users because this system has literally killed the “Practice” aspect of CP and this does not promote Competitive Programming in any manner.

Please take our request into consideration. Please make available the text solutions for all time for all users.

Comment your views on this in comment section.

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The written editorials are all still available on Discuss. You can just search for the problem code on discuss, and find the relevant post. Pro users get to see the editorials on the problem page directly, while the non-Pro users have to come to discuss for them.

Ohh…so will it be the same for upcoming new contest problems and their editorials?


i also thought the editorial were gone , solution section it was written text and video editorial for pro subscription

I think it should be mentioned on the solution page for people to go check the discuss for the solutions.