The 2019 ICPC Asia -West Continent Final Contest

Today i visited the site of codechef’s ICPC they added new column consisting Asia-West Continent, can anyone help me regarding this, what is the criteria for selection here is the link for Asia -West Continent Final Contest
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Is this recursion?


Happening for the first time :heart_eyes:

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look this article at
clearly written that regionals winners are selected to participate on this .
MAY be IT is to filter regionals winner to next level.

members may be India,Bangladesh,afganistan,Iran and pakistan

I think u got this wrong,
Regional winners would be selected by the same procedure as before.
Now for those who couldn’t be selected by some(1-2 or more) rank in the regionals along with the regional winners would be invited for this contest, so that those who weren’t selected could get another chance to perform their best and get selected for the World Finals.


ya i mean same,but regionals winner may have chance to loose to finals,since other regionals participants are also included

Wow. Awesome.
I won’t get this chance though.
But good for people.