The Best Websites?



Hi Coders!

I would like to know from you all the best website to learn c plus plus

Note:I am not a book reader and i want to learn in free ‘n’ fun way and i want to learn list,vector,stack,heaps,etc.



I would suggest you to start from Hackerrank. One of it’s domain is for learning the C++. You can give a start from that which will teach you step wise step. Starting from input/output to vector, list, stack, heaps, etc. most of the useful STL library functions will be taught inside that. After that they leaves you to practice to make you familiar with syntaxes of function for fast implementation during the contest.
Here is the link


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In addition to the C++ section in HackerRank, I’d recommend HackerEarth’s STL tutorial from their codemonk series.



These sites will be helpful.


Happy Coding …


I would suggest you this website


I think cplusplus dot com is the best website for learning C++ Programming for begginer.
The following are also help you :
1. Programiz
2.Tutorial Point

C++ STL:


I am also not a book reader and the best way I have found to learn c++ is youtube. You may watch same videos of different channels to get a better understanding and also you will get to know more and more inbuilt functions.


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For C++

For Reference use C PLUS PLUS .

For Tutorials about various websites refer

For Various **practice** problems [SPOJ][4].


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first go through the tutorials in youtube(the newboston is good) and then u may practice on any website like Topcoder site or Geeks For Geeks.