The CHEFTAK "Challenge"

I get it that you guys are trying your level best to repair the internal problem in CHEFTAK but let’s face it, it’s already 10 days gone and counting. If you seriously feel this can’t be fixed any time soon just terminate the contest asap. Extending the contest without the cause being repaired is only going to cause controversies post contest as people will claim some users got more than alloted time for non-challenge problems. Hence if the admin feels there can’t be anything that can be done with challenge problem in a few hours just terminate the contest or lock the non-challenge problems. Let the contest be fair instead of making it unrated later.


I’m more and more inclined towards just letting the contest end. There has been 10 days to fix the problem and it hasn’t been done. Even if the solution comes in the next few hours or so there will be little time for contestants to actually work on it without an additional extension. And an additional extension is just a bad idea imo.

Heck, the initial extension itself was a bad idea in hindsight. At the time I assumed that the fix would come in the first few hours of the extension considering that codechef decided to extend it, but that evidently didn’t happen.


Test Answer.

WTF, now it’s showing 4 days still remaining. This is one of the worst long challenge I ever participated. 16 days long!! Make it unrated !!


Just end the contest already. The challenge problem is a total embarrassment at this point.

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@admin Apparently it’s possible to promote a comment to an answer in a closed thread. This seems like a bug.

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As far as extension is concerned, if CHEFTAK was not an issue then people would have demanded extension due to snackdown.

My comment - “I found a method to answer a closed question.”

Btw this method comes handy when you want to transfer comment from one answer to other. So maybe this is not a bug.

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Why extension solely due to Snackdown? The qualifier literally only requires you to solve one task to progress. Anyone who’s used to long contest (or contests overall) shouldn’t have any problem at all. I get that people will still demand extension anyway for the sake of getting an extension with Snackdown as an excuse, but that doesn’t make the excuse any more valid.


Yes, the initial extension was given thinking the issue would be fixed shortly - but unfortunately, due to some weird interaction of judge, its randomly crashing. Hence, the issue cannot be fixed in a short span of time :frowning:

All I can say is we highly regret the inconvenience, and there wont be anymore extensions because its obvious that its very, very bad idea.

Personally, the bigger reason why I suggested no more extension is so that people can “move on” and learn from problems by editorials. Being stuck at 8 problems for 12 days is inefficient.

In fact, co incidentally, the first message I pm’ed admin today was to not extend the contest if it cant be fixed now. XD

*7 problems for 12 days xD

Everybody is stuck at challenge problem regardless of its validity :stuck_out_tongue: