The most consistent coder

I am pleased to announce that I consider myself the most poorly performing consistent competitive coder. From the last 2 years, I have consistently practised problems and have consistently performed poorly in cook-offs and lunchtimes. My rating graph is an ideal example of what a cheater’s graph should like although I never cheated. My consistency reaches a new level in Codeforces where I am swinging back and forth between newbie and pupil from last 2 years(usernames -The_mysterio and Sumeet_Verma_is_my_God) . I can vouch that even the best coders wont be able to consistently perform so good as I have consistently performed poorly. So, if you ever need to know, how to consistently perform poorly in any aspect of life and still be able to give the excuse of practising the same, do contact me on Codeforces.


don’t loose hope , you can perform better in these contest if you practice more begginer level problems , easy and dsa series

This video is definitely for you.