The most funniest thing I came accross in September long challenge

So, I have a habit of submitting my every answer twice just to be sure it’s wrong or not and trust me its worth it(you can also see in my profile ).
I will be sharing the link to 2 of my own solution for the first question in September long challenge and you can compare it line by line they are the same but 1 is AC and the other is WA.
Solution1:- (got 100 for this)
Solution2:- (got 20 for this )
If anyone can explain why this happened please feel free to.

it’s not WA, it’s TLE, you are too close to the time limit and small difference of running time may occur



since codechef uses cloud to test codes, there is around chance of 10-15% variation in runtime.So, is the case with your code, it was tle.

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I do have faced once where it gave wa on a test case 4 times and ac 1 time on the same code in June challenge CONVAIR and there were no srands or random etc

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that could be due to some undefined behaviour in your code