The Next Palindrome on SPOJ ; Problem Code: PALIN

Problem Link: The Next Palindrome

Recently I am solving the problem of finding the immediate next palindrome to the given number N as described in the problem link above.
I have implemented the algorithm and ran on different test cases, and in all of them I am getting the right answer which I verified using SPOJ Toolkit.
I have gone through the links:

  1. Test Case for the next palindrome related to test-cases for this problem on Code-Chef, and also gone thorugh the Stack-Overflow thread related to this problem.

Can anyone tell me the test cases where my code will fail, as on online judges it is showing WA every-time I submit. My Code Link

your code link is not working !

@macdod Can you check now? It’s working now.

I don’t find any problem in your code. It was working fine on my system. But,

It gives the wrong answer on online ide, particularly in the case when your input is all nine. you need to print your char array, character-wise upto the required length to avoid these errors.i’m posting your modified code.

you can find your modified code here.

@macdod Thanks. Instead of implementing your changes I initialised the string at the starting by using memset() function.

The Video Solution Of The Next Palindrome (PALIN) can be found at: How to solve the The Next Palindrome | PALIN | Codechef | Competitive coding | C++ - YouTube