The Ratings should not be changed until Moss check is completed

This time the number of plagarism cases is so high that i think that codechef should first complete the Moss Check and then remove the cheaters and then change the ratings.


MOSS Check takes a long time to complete. Last I heard was that they are still conducting MOSS for 2018 and 2019 problems.


They are updating the rating of the ones caught in plagiarism from Aug 2019.I am saying that first you find all those people who have cheated remove them from ranklist and then change the ratings accordingly as it happens in Codeforces.


How much time theey need to update the rating for August challenge 2020??

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moss check till may/june has been completed(ranks have been updated in most contests)…
codechef is just reluctant when it comes to removing ratings of cheaters


I think codechef thinking that the number of participants will decrease if all cheaters are penalized

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tomorrow.Check announcement section

that’s why situations are getting worse

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I had forget the password of this account so created a new account with same name,college etc however later I remembered password of this account. Now, I have same code submitted in both account? Will I be penalized? The new account has literally no activity? Please someone reply

@admin plz look into this.

If you submitted from your new account, you should’ve continued with the same account. Why did you submit the same solutions from the old account when you know it’s against the rules?

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I didn’t know it was against the rules I promise won’t repeat it.I submitted using old id because it was linked with my resume and linkedin. Can I submit my new account to codechef to close it. @akshitm16

(just curious to know as I am new to this MOSS thing), as first 3 problems of long challenges are mostly easy ,so there exists possibility that code execution is same and some times its even possible that users use same/similar variable names , So if such cases get detected by MOSS checker ,do the users get penalised ?

All of this is taken into account by Code Chef, and btw if you know that you’ve not cheated from anywhere, there is no need to worry :slight_smile:


Send a mail to describing your situation. Rest is upto them.

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this case just made me think about it, as a guy in this post appears to be the victim of such an incident ,so I was just asking if in case guys like him get justice.

Those codes are of 2014. There must have been many amendments after that.


yup, hopefully :slightly_smiling_face:

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You both are penalized or just you?

There is no need to worry just write it to the admin on mail, and he will say that your rating will not be decreased for this round, and also to delete your second account.
P. S . : It has happened to me as well

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