The right way to master dp

Am i right that i need not follow any tutorials on dp and rather directly solve problems based on dp as what i see with dp is that we only need to realize what the sub problem is or how the problem could be broken down into sub problem?

For the time being do i need to study any tutorial on dp or i can solve all the problems of past year ZCO i am done with SUPW IPL & Round Table.

The main aim of dp is identifying a subtask and forming a recursive solution. So, I personally find it much more useful to just solve problems on dp and refer to geeks for geeks than just observing some tutorials, as in the beginning it is a hell of a task to find the subtask and the recursive solution .:grinning::grinning:

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Recommending gfg for cp results in getting flagged by me.


But in Gfg I find around 300 problems on just DP itself…so choosing problems is a tuff job !!! Specially for some like me who are beginners in learning DP…

Just blindly copying gfg code is obviously not recommended but the solving some of them can be helpful in getting the basic idea of breaking the problem in subtasks and solving them

Try this for dp:
It’ll cover most of the basic concepts.

for more dp check this:
This should be enough.


So basically mastering dp is solving more and more problems of it rather than studying tutorials of it?


why in the world would you even study a tutorial… Figuring out the states is basically the whole tough part of the task.


Thanks for the help…