there are same problem in codechef LOC JULY 2017 that must deleted

Hi admin .
this problem must deleted or swap this with a another problem.

To be honest I saw another such problem(just a little bit of change) from the same contest! I don’t wanna expose it because it would encourage people to just copy/paste solutions!
This is really disgusting and I think moderators/admin must look into this!

Moreover, that problem is so poorly explained there in LoC! I could hardly get what it is meaning.

Thats a blunder from their part. Comment it in the problem as well if you ahvent. I am not sure of what admin can do, since its an external contest, but the contest organiser surely has to answer this.

Even worse, the problem I am talking about is from Codechef itself xD

Umm this is an external contest. I don’t think Codechef is responsible for the problems. Maybe I am wrong though :slight_smile:

They already have a lot problem setters (from what i heard), I think they need people to look up internet and see for similar problems. Its just that there are not many excellent guides which help someone become problem setter. I guess this led new setters to resort to palgiarism to keep up to the race…

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