There should be more contests

Only 3 contests namely, Long, Lunchtime and cook-off is held in codechef. I agree that long contest is of 10 days and helps us learn a lot, but still regular contests will help, so that we can practise more. Some short contest every week would be enough.

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I can’t agree with you. In fact, not everyone can digest the problems of these comtests in a month. Moreover, if you want to do more problems to find inspiration, there are plenty of previous contest to practice. I don’t believe you have finished all the previous contest.

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We have codeforces for that!


I know. But still its for everyone’s benefit. For example, every month Long starts in 6th or 7th and goes on till 17th. And since it is long, not all code for 10 days long. So there’s a lot of time to hold small contests. Also Cookoff lies on 21st and Lunchtime on 29th mostly. A lot a gap to practise I think. Codeforces do held this type of contests, but another source of practising would be great I think.

First of all, the number of users of codechef is not as large as that of codeforces, and hosting a large number of short competitions does not do much good to codechef, it can be expected that the number of participants will not be very large.
Secondly, this will cause the burden of testers and other staff, and too much work will sometimes lead to the decline of the quality of the problem.
Finally, there are a lot of old classic problem on the website that you left in the corner. They are worth practicing.


There are weekly contest on codeforce and on atcoder(begginers) and if you want more than go to virtual contest from codeforce and from csacademy