Things I should know before trying to solve this problem ZCO14003

Good evening everyone,
This problem is called Smart Phone from the DSA learning series, I understand what the problem is and what I have to do but I am not able to solve it. I looked at the solution of other people turns out they don’t know it either. So many of them have just copied and pasted someone else solution. I want to know what are the prerequisites for tacking such problems and how to solve them. Thank you in advance.

  1. A programming language.
  2. Sorting.
  3. Basic Math.
  4. How to approach a problem.

To help with the problem statement, I would like to give a little hint.
The problem requires you to choose a price such that you can sell your device to some people and it would maximize your profit.
So if you choose more people you will definitely have to choose a smaller price and if you choose higher price then number of people will decrease who will buy the product.

Oh yeah I figured it out! Thanks for answering. I was looking at the question in a different way, which happened to be the lengthier and wrong way. Thanks again

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