Think Before Cheating

Hi all,
Good morning and a warm greeting to all coders and a big salute to all cheaters with my middle finger.
Guys, I m writing this to those( mahaan log ) who think that they can crack a big company through cheating or directly through their CC profile and rating, then you are in wrong myth.

The moto of this website is to sharp your mind and bring your mind to a next level in each and every competition, but you are cheating then you are not cheating with someone else your’e only cheating yourself.

Look if you know someone who is doing this, do once try to make them understand that it is not right what they are doing, and if this don’t work let them go where they want.

A single question that you solved by your own gives you that much of confidence which is more than solving every question by cheating.

So think before cheating, Its not a time being to proof its all about improve.

I also want to add something that if you are feeling regret then its not too late, I would suggest you to delete your current acc and create a new one and yes now start with with your new opaque version because 2 of hard work and learning is more than 4 or 5 * of cheating, Isn’t it.*

I m not tying to offend someone feelings, and if i do, A big Sorry !!!



Yeah so there was some guy and he asked " can we cheat " on a post mentioning some interview contest and when i said that cheating only defames u and represents which community you belong that guy just continued to cheat . ;–;
Moral of the story : These guys are from some idiot background and they dont know how to behave and do things properly and only know how to do things in a easier and wrong way.


Yes, I completely agree with you and also due to their cheating some newbies even me too gets demotivated and also try to quit CP but it’s all about practice.
There are many of my juniors who have done this and now they are staring again .
I don’t know what people think when they are just doing(Ctrl+ C + V ), and what they’ll expect from Future.
Thanks for your support.

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this post has no use at all. Those who cheat, know it’s bad :joy:. Posting this kind of useless content in the discuss only demotivates good coders who like to help budding programmers via discuss. Cheating is something which makes all of us angry, but posting it in discuss a million times doesn’t do any good. If you see someone cheat just report. Let’s use discuss productively. please.


No no bro…
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I know it hurts @abhay_0123 & also they don’t understand that this is harmful to them only. They also miss one thing, the level of excitement after solving each question by yourself which cannot be defined by words. When you sleep while thinking of method/approach & at morning it strikes suddenly, for me it’s like eureka!:heart: moment. Don’t care for this because it’ll harm our mental peace only. :joy:


I totally agree with you.


I started these contest for the first time & already people started cheating, Everyone. posting solutions on Youtube.

cheating is very bad so never cheat