This contest is over but I want to submit solution for this problem. Why can't I?

I want to submit and check my solution for this problem but the contest is over and the submit button is not available. Are all problems on CodeChef added to the ‘Practice’ section? Will it be there after a while?


Yes, the problem from past contests come up in the PRACTICE section ( they will be divided into EASY, HARD , etc based on their difficulty, If the contest is organised by an educational institute, then you can find them on PEERS ) .

Let me show you a simple way to find them easily. First take the contest link. Here is an example Code Hunt 2015 . Now I will take this problem from it HOLES IN TEXT .

The url for this problem is

Now, all you have to do is remove the contest name from this, for example, from the above url, you remove CDHU2015/ from it, and it becomes

Now, you can submit your solution here.

If you check the place marked in the image, you can also find where in the PRACTICE it is located.
alt text

So, you will know where to check it later.
If the page is not found, then the problem has not yet been added to PRACTICE yet, so you’ll have to wait.

The problem whose link you have provided has not been added yet, so you’ll have to wait. Until then, try the other ones.

Happy Coding… :slight_smile:


The problem has been added. Here’s the link