This solution to GUESSG in JUN20B long challenge should not pass

See the solution given below :
He just asked queries at left boundary and as a LIE i.e ‘L’ was returned then he queried the mid and erased the half of the search space . If this type of solution gets accepted then it is clearly a glitch in judging.
P.S. This solution got AC for 75 Points!!!
P.S. Writter did not even flush the output stream!!!


I thought of doing the same but it was very obvious to me that it won’t remotely pass since the grader is adaptive so didn’t submit my code. Unfortunately many have done same techniques to get 15 points


Weak testing…its truly unfair people like him getting 75 points by this .
It demotivates me No logic in this .
And also people who are writing long codes and truly deserves point.
Are they Fool ???


But the thing is this solution passed for 75 points!!! how unfair