Tier 2-3 College Competitive Programmers

In need for some inspiration right now, request all awesome coders from tier 2-3 colleges to share their cp success stories.


Check out Abdullah Aslam:- https://medium.com/@abdullahkool768


Check Sameer Gulati’s story. Its awesome.


The harsh truth: The better College, The Better Opportunities and Environment you get.


It is a discrimination with Tier 4 colleges.


and what exactly you will do after reading their success stories ?
see most of the things (if not everything) in nature follow normal distribution
so there will be some people who became successful despite coming from underprivileged colleges and there will be some who couldn’t do anything in life despite being be top colleges
If you want inspiration it lies within you
stop looking for it


Well, everybody needs an idol. Our success story might never be exactly the same as someone else’s, but it does help us to find the inner motivation by witnessing someone else’s success.


himanshujaju from a tier - 3 college is a true example of hard work, perseverance, and sheer will. He’s currently working at Google [ London office]. But that’s not the inspirational part. The no. problems he has solved and no. of rating-falls he had to face to reach at where he’s now. That’s inspirational!


Never underestimate any college or any person every one can do anything if he finds right motivation to do things in his life. I am from NIT Patna here nothing is taught in class just we are learning ourselves from our peers , seniors(somewhat) and all required stuff for competitive programming is available online . You can practice as much as you can but the problems will never end the materials will never end . Thus just practice and never think of results that Will I get success or not just run behind a problem whether you knew it or not think and approach if you can’t do it today tomorrow is coming , day after tomorrow will come but one day you will think what a simple problem it was…


From a tier three college and wouldn’t say that college doesn’t matter or GPA doesn’t matter…It does to be very honest. And yes, it is unfortunate that you couldn’t get good marks in entrances and everything. Just would say don’t give up! Even if there might not be many success stories or even if there are it shouldn’t matter. Get the realisation early and start prepping up because it’s high time to find success in your life :grin:


as @jprm2 and @shim98 said I agree with that, but I want to add something we always give excuses to satisfy our mind and heart by just saying oh I m not from IIT , I m not from NIT or BITS , so I will not compete with guys from those colleges, or something else , so just stop giving excuse and try harder harder and harder , bcz when u look back after so many failures, rating changes, many times crying u will proud yourself.

" There is no limit to what you can achieve Your potential is limitless :slight_smile: