Today I was solving Tiling Problem - GeeksforGeeks and there the trick was FIBONACCI SERIES but I have a doubt…
When I tested the code for 2*2 board game it gave me answer 1.
but tiling

from image we can say that using that tile we can fill the 2*2 board in 2 ways…
either both horizontally or both vertically…
Please see the Question on GEEKS_FOR_GEEKS and help me in clearing my doubt.

Yeah Cause the explanation is correct but code is not

It clearly said count(n) = n when n==1 or n==2. so use the below code instead

int getNoOfWays(int n)
    // Base case
    if(n<=2) return n;
    return getNoOfWays(n - 1) + getNoOfWays(n - 2);

That’s what I thought…Thankyou very much for help…