Time complexity calculation

Can anyone help me calculate the time complexity of this code


I think it should give tle but it passes

EDIT: I think it is O(M^2 logN) can somebody confirm…??

I think it has O(n^2)

How? can you explain

since you are using nested loop(time complexity - O(n^2) ) to insert elements into array

because you had nested loops . learn here

@syntaxhacker I know all that stuff. The main time consuming part is the dijkstra and I think it has complexity more than N^2

from google

Your implementation is n^2 .

if you really know all that stuff cant you calculate bro

Its not normal dijkstra guys!!!

There are some adjustments to suit to the question.

I want to know the complexity of this new adjusted dijkstra

even if its not normal just lookin at the code . it has two nested loops so the complexity is N^2 only

Looks like you are new to the cp family

Sometimes it can really be difficult to calculate time complexity

for example ( the one that comes to mind ) try trie and try to calculate complexity

i know its different for different implementation im not such a noobie who cant even calculate time complexity for such easy code . Even im new to cp i could say that N^2 or N^3 ( due to while loop ) by just looking . lets see who says its not and i will watch your expert review about me then.

Actually I think I figured it out.

I think its O(M^2logN)

Can anyone confirm…