Time intersection of topcoder and zco for schools

there is time intersection of topcoder srm and zco for schools on 2nd November.Can the zco one be shifted 30-40 minutes before?

Edit:i am skipping srm as it doesn’t contribute to score for tco regionals

Edit:i completed zco one in 7 mins and could do topcoder and I am now yellow.
@admin @vijju123

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Discussed it with admin. The timings cannot be changed.

Topcoder is half dead. :man_shrugging::man_shrugging::man_shrugging:


CC is going to die soon.


had it been a normal topcoder round I might have skipped it but this one contributes to tco regionals hence participating.

If anything can’t be done most probably I will try to leave the zco one half an hour earlier.

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Afaik last year srm’s from Feb’19 to April’19 we counted for India regionals. Currently, there is no update about it.
Rest your call.

oh i misread topcoder’s admin(hmehta) comment on cf.

then no problem I can easily skip topcoder srm


then what does topcoder mean by tco stage 1?

do you realize, you are getting toxic day by day?

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Last year they were for onsite round of tco (insert place where we will see tourist in few days). Not for regionals in Jaipur.

Can you please explicitly share ss of that comment. I vaguely remember he posted something. Failed to find that comment hence I just said about last year. Your current link directs to your downvoted comment where you posted a source code.

Upd -
Got it.

All the best for regionals.

For totally opposite reasons…

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