Time limit "-2 sec" how it's possible

please check this problem https://www.codechef.com/problems/LISA
the time limit is -2 sec what is this…

@admin please look this problem once

And yes I don’t think it’s a “dash” because there is no “-” in any other problem.

That might be an error on their part! By the way there are no successful submissions for this question! Are the test cases correct? Getting WA.

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@ ankesh18 Yes they are correct.
I think this problem is in peer section only because of the time limit. It’s author don’t have any good ratings in contests, but his problem is so difficult.

its not minus 2 it is only 2. the “-” does not indicate minus

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what does time limit of -2 sec mean?

Its an error may be , it is to be solved by anyone.

I don’t know.

try to open any other problem page there’s no “dash” or “-” in time limit.