Time Limit Exceeded

What does (5.010000) mean alongside TLE?

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Nothing…it just means that the output couldn’t be produced under 5 sec. So, execution of your program was stopped.

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oh…also, i have never seen any number other than 5.01 or just haven’t noticed…but the questions says time limit 1 sec so why is it TLE 5.01?

You must be using python. Python has a default multiplier of 5. That means if time limit of a problem is x then it will be 5x for py programs.
Your program execution stops as it crosses 5 sec so you always see 5.01.


Maybe 5 sec is the max it would wait
So if your time taken for execution was less than 5 sec
Lets say

It would say 2.16
But 5 sec is the max wait time
After that it aborts at 5.01

That’s been my understanding until now.

oh thanks…yes i was using Python. I only know a bit of C++ till now

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no no, @akshitm16 is right. It just giving 5*time_limit + 0.1 for python.

it wouldn’t since time limit wouldn’t have been exceeded

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sorry, some glitch occured

i have been told that a 10 raised to power 9 loop can work in 1 second, but here in the question, the loop can be at max 10 to the power 6, still it giving TLE why?

If it is realted to ongoing contest, ask after the contest gets over.

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yes, of course. I am not discussing any ongoing contest question…
Also, as in the case of TLE (5.01…), would WA (0.02…) and RE(NZEC) (O.01…) mean something similar?

WA(0.02) means that the program ran completely but produced a WA in 0.02 seconds.
RE(NZEC)(0.01) seconds means that the program was aborted at 0.01 seconds due to a fatal error


okay thanks : )