Time limit for Python not being used for Python 3

In the time limits based on programming language page, it says that Python has a 3X time multiplier. I suspect this multiplier isn’t being applied to Python 3 submissions, as a submission of mine in Python 3 was getting the time limit exceeded error, and when submitting instead in Python 2 with essentially exactly the same code (slightly different syntax for the print statement in v3 than in v2) it passed.

My submissions are available here:

Can anyone confirm or refute my suspicision?

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you seem to be right.

the other amazing thing is the following one.

you code : AC in PYTH in 7.14 s.


def zeros(num):
    total = 0
    while num >= 5:
        num = num // 5
        total += num
    return total
for i in range(int(input())):
    print zeros(int(input())) 

my code : AC in PYTH in 3.05 s.


def Z(N):
    s = 0
    for k in range(1, 13):
        N /= 5
        s += N
    return s

def main():
    T = int(raw_input())
    for t in range(T):
        N = int(raw_input())
        print Z(N)


the thing is there is almost no difference between the two, but the execution time is cut in half. i don’t understand why. even this is not related to your question, something is likely to be wrong in the execution time for Python.

This piqued my curiosity so I took a look at it.

First off, it’s nearly one year later and I assume things are different now than they were then (new versions of Python, different weights given to times, etc).

The OP’s Python 3 solution (given in the link) is accepted as is.

I played around with it anyway, specifically focusing on the I/O because the I/O in Python 3 has been completely redone and can really slow you down if you don’t know how to roll with it. My solution on the Judge was about 2x faster: 5.69s w/ Py3 vs 10.94s w/ Py2 & OP’s code.

OP’s code resubmitted:

My rework of OP’s code:

Regarding Python 3 I/O, I found this very helpful:

Something with the timing is definitely not working right. I tried the next question, and in Python 3 it exceeded the time limit, then resubmitting as Python 2 it also exceeded the time limit, and it passed after resubmitting almost exactly the same Python 2 code again.

See my submissions.

admin point of view requested ! :smiley: thx

And for kicks, slightly faster:
Not sure how to eek out more performance.

Thanks all for sharing such information with us i don’t know the time limitation of python . I start to learn python after that I hope that term I understand.

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