Time needed for INOI

What is the approximate time required for me to prepare for INOI. I know python and am learning C++. I know sorting and some basic programming.

time req for switching to c++ might take forever if u want to learn c++ in dept
but for Competitive Programming you jst need 1 day to learn syntax and stl
however memorizing it is a different thing

Yes, but learning c++ is not my goal.
My goal is to prepare for INOI i.e all the data structures and algorithms, and practice, and practice, etc required for INOI.

That would take about 2-3 months, considering (3+) hours of programming each day . I recommend you to take any online / offline bootcamp for a headstart.
After the 3months , regular practice for 2-3 months of CP and ladder from A2OJ . you should easily be able to reach 4* on cc and specialist+ on cf.
But CP is vaster than one can imagine , so the aforementioned time period is just for the grasp of cp that would bring you above from the average cpers. population . Cheers!

Wow, I didn’t expect that much.
Btw could you say me any bootcamp

Online. I never heard any bootcamp for competitive programming

By bootcamp I meant for DS and Algo, as these are the parts where most students take time and still struggle .
This would rather seem like an advertisement but here goes :stuck_out_tongue: :
Coding Ninjas , Coding Blocks . (for people in India) .
Both of them have competitive programming course too (check out their content) . But I’d rather recommend if you have a strong grasp in DS and Algo, you should explore the world of CP on your own.
Note that doing a course or bootcamp is just so that you follow a strict regime and don’t sway into the vast world of cp.
PS : They don’t prepare you for programming contest (which you have to do on your own) rather just teach you concepts , which you can also do on your own , as done by many top coders.