Time spent on giving the contest worth nothing!

I gave January lunchtime yesterday, and today I am reading that a contest that was meant to be rated till the end of the contest is now unrated because users faced difficulty. But, my point is that there were users like me who tried to submit solutions even after facing the same difficulty keeping up with the spirit of the contest ( as it was never announced in between that it’ll be unrated ).

@admin and all others at CodeChef, please learn to respect your user’s time, everyone knows the problem persisted from the beginning of the contest, so a better option would’ve been to make it unrated before it was over. Like look at Codeforces, a very similar thing happened in their round Round 697 and they declared it unrated in the first 20 minutes itself ( Codeforces Round #697 (Div. 3) - Codeforces ).

All I am saying is a user’s time should be respected and if it was not announced earlier, Lunchtime should remain rated.


There are already a bunch of threads on the same topic how does this make sense to make another post? Also admin has given his clarification so go and read it.


Well technically he hasn’t yet clarified about what led to such a drastic decision, given similar stuff happened days before somewhere else and it was handled way better.
Not expecting any sort of clarification obviously because the rules here are shady, but I thought this was needed to be said.

Read this he has clarified how the 2 situations are different

Dude, here I am not talking about the cookoff, although what he mentions for cookoff is not totally true as problems still persisted for people even after the first 30 minutes, I am talking about mishandling the situation and not doing anything for complete 3 hours, killing the time for thousands of people. Don’t you think CodeChef is accountable for that too and not just mere ratings and unfairness?

If you focus on only problem solving and leave ratings for a side, then there is no problem at all. I agree that ratings matter but you haven’t wasted your time, instead you utilized your time better by applying your brain to solve a problem. I was also disappointed a bit after contest became unrated and it literally hurts badly, but what is the purpose of giving contests? Yes, ratings are important but problem solving is equally important. :slightly_smiling_face:

PS: This is just my opinion. No offences! :smile:


The reason why people are doing CodeChef and their rated contests and not SPOJ which potentially has a better problem collection lies in the basic fact of rating how you perform. That is a metric of what people do in those given three hours. Anyway, my concern over here is different, like imagine people who generally sleep at 10, were up till 12 trying to get the problems accepted, and now are clueless of what even they were up for the other night lol.
You see where the problem is, people here are just diverting it to be about ratings and not the discomfort caused (as they delayed from 7:30 to 9 already). My concern is about that and not about the contest being rated or not, I hope you get my point @zephxr :slight_smile:

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Yeah brother, i got your point. :slightly_smiling_face: