Tips for speed

I want some tips on how to improve my speed in contests.
I’m new to codechef(somewhat) but not to data structures and algorithms. I’m able to solve even med-hard or hard problems, but the issue is I take around a day or so to do so. In fact, even in medium problems, I take around 2 hrs to get it in general. How should I improve my speed?
I know the answer would perhaps be practice, but did you do anything else as well?
I have seen people writing compact but to me illegible code, Idk how to write so compact. I mostly get even the hardest problems within a day or so but my speed of both getting the sol as well as coding it out is quite slow.

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@anon25504910 increase the number of participation in live contests and try to solve them fast. Eventually, you will be able to solve questions of your level quickly. Try getting an exact solution before writing the code this will help to get rid of debugging issues and wrong answers. Again speed comes over time and practice.