Tips needed for Begineer

I’m in second year of Computer Engineering and I have just started Compititive Programming what are somethings a Begineer should follow while doing compitive Programming

Don’t care about your ratings , Atleast on codechef.

  • Follow CLRS book, study the data structure/algorithms and then practice related problems from any website of you’re choice.
  • Write pseudo code before coding, test problems with at least 10 test cases before submitting.
  • Focus on learning concepts rather than rating.
  • Don’t cheat, you won’t be getting calls from companies because of you’re rating, and even if you do, you won’t be able to clear them.
  • Take part in contests, especially Long Challenge.
  • Upsolve problems that you’re unable to solve in a contest (at least one problem).
  • Enjoy it, compete with you’re friends. It will help you stay motivated.