Tips/Sources for some earning through programming?

Is there any source to earn some quick pocket money through programming/coding skills? Some of which I know are-

  1. Winning contests conducted by various colleges/companies- I know this, but atleast I can’t win as there will always be someone better than me.
  2. Writing GFG articles- This is good, but sometimes it becomes very boring as they sometimes take 1 month to review articles.

So, is there any other way to get earn?

For this, one needs to be much better so that he can guarantee, he will win atleast some contest out of 5 contest.

Writing Article on GFG , don’t give money, as per my knowledge.
If you are confident about your programming skill, you can apply for some content writing works in programming field.

We get Rs 300-700 depending on the quality of the article on GFG. So it is a way, but quite boring.