Tips to Reduce cheating on Codechef

So as well all know that cheating happens rampantly in all events of CodeChef and the most plagiarized event is Long where cheaters plagiarize code in large numbers. So I want to suggest some ways that might help to curb cheating to a extent. Please input your suggestions below this so that we can get better insight.

  1. Run MOSS immediately after all events. Delay ranking and ratings for a week depending upon the volume of submissions. Even kickstart delay the proper results for 2-3 days. We can do the same with the Code Chef events.

  2. Make a policy of getting rating in Long event only if you attempt any short contests. If you attempt long event but fail to attempt short event still you wont get rating decrement but your ranking will be removed to give others better ranking who gave short event also.

  3. Those who say that they have office work or working hours. Keep all the short events on Saturday and Sunday and spread the event time
    Eg: Cookoff- 9am to 11:30am
    Lunchtime- 9pm to 12am
    Starters-3pm to 6pm
    (All timings are in IST)
    We can also a have extra event to spread timings more

  4. We can get status of the report that we give about cheating that how far they have gone or atleast take some concrete steps regarding people who all get reported within a week


According to me he has the best idea

Yea the idea is included in this post.

Honestly, why does a thread like this show up almost every month? Everybody knows about cheaters and I do not exaggerate when I say that this is a HEAVILY discussed topic. I am pretty sure CC is thinking of ways to reduce cheating.

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The thread shows up because no solution has been cropped up.
When you also admit it is heavily discussed topic that means that we are hoping that someday Code chef would address it and might come out with a solution.
CC might be thinking of ways to reduce cheating but tell me why aren’t we able to find punishments for the cheaters of the events that happened few months ago.
I wont stress out more and sum up the reply to you that

Justice delayed is justice denied