Tle and ac

i submitted a code and got fully correct verdict now i again submit the same code then i got tle in a subtask? how it is posssible? can anyone explain please

You might have changed the code. Do check from my submissions.

Maybe test cases got updated. Optimise your code.

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no…i continously submitted my code 4-5 times in 1st try got ac then tle then partial again tle and then ac

no it was the same code

When you got AC, what was the reported time taken (e.g. for this submission, the time taken was 1.02 seconds), and what is the time limit for the Problem?

0.85s when i got ac and time limit is 1s

I’m not sure how much variability there is in the run time of identical code on the Online Judge, but 0.16 seconds doesn’t sound impossible.

Can you link to the submissions, assuming it’s not from a currently running contest? If it is, bump this thread tomorrow after the contest ends :slight_smile:

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it is from ongoing competition ready bit

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did testcase file changes after each submission?

Any changes to testcases should be mentioned in the Contest’s “Announcements” section:

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