TLE even though code runs in 0.05 seconds

I have been trying to solve one of the problems of this month’s long challenge, but I keep getting TLE for some reason. I ran the same code on Ideone with the highest constraints for the first sub task, it runs perfectly. Execution time is 0. 05 seconds as per Ideone. Any reason why??

Bro nobody will reply qns related to long challenge during the contest. :expressionless:
One more important thing Using IDEONE for code compilation is not a good practice during a contest unless u change the privacty settings of IDEONE.

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Instead of IDEONE use jdoodle … it’s faster then others and no save code , so that none copy u.


You probably tested your code for a single big case, whereas problems on codechef or any cp website test lot of cases for lot of big values. This is mentioned in the problem constraints. So if you get TLE, try to optimize your approach so it takes even lesser time.

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i did lol
i guess u r right lol

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