TLE in Labyrinth(CSES) problem

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I use BFS to solve this problem, but in some test cases, it is giving TLE. I have no idea why it is showing TLE, as Time Complexity of my solution is O(n*m) where 1<=n<=1000,1<=m<=1000. I try to make my code more readable and clean. Can anyone help me, what I am missing here?

Bro, you are getting a TLE cause you are using maps for storing distances instead of 2-D arrays try replacing it, that’ll work.
Just a suggestion, in case you are not aware you can implement your solution in a more elegant and efficient fashion by using a standard trick for grid problems used in the code attached you can check it out if you want

#include <bits/stdc++.h>
#define ar array
using namespace std;
const int mxN =1e3+2;
const int di[4]={1,0,-1,0},dj[4]={0,1,0,-1};
const char dc[4]={'D','R','U','L'} ;
int n,m,si,sj,ti,tj,d[mxN][mxN];
string s[mxN],p[mxN] ;
bool e(int i,int j){
  return (i<n&&i>=0&&j<m&&j>=0&&s[i][j]=='.') ;
signed main() {
  cin >> n >> m ;
  for(int i=0;i<n;i++)
    cin >> s[i] ; 
  for(int i=0;i<n;i++){
    for(int j=0;j<m;j++){
    p[i]=string(m,0) ;
  queue<ar<int,2>>qu ;
  qu.push({si,sj}) ;
    ar<int,2>u = qu.front();
    qu.pop() ;
    for(int k=0;k<4;k++){
      int ni=u[0]+di[k],nj=u[1]+dj[k];
        continue ;
      d[ni][nj]=k ;
      p[ni][nj]=dc[k] ;
    string t ;
    cout << "YES"<< endl ;
    while(si^ti || sj^tj){
      t+=p[ti][tj] ;
      int dd=d[ti][tj]^2;
    cout << t.size() <<"\n";
    cout << t ;
    cout << "NO";
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Thankyou so much, yeah it’s work and thanks for suggestion : ).
But I have a doubt, Is map of (pair<int,int>,int) is too slow? Isn’t it just O(logn) for lookup? or am i missing something?

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Yeah, it is O(logn) theoretically but in my opinion it the data stored in each node of the BST is comparatively higher may that’s why the map under performs in these situations though I am not sure somebody can correct me if I’m wrong. So its recommended going with 2-D arrays as far as possible

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Okay, thank u so much bro : )

What’s wrong with this solution? Giving WA for few test cases. Can anyone help please?