TLE in python 3

can anybody suggest me how to overcome time limit in python 3.
plzz share any tips . i have come with the best algorithm but still got a time limit for my code.i think my method of input is slow so plzz share a fastest method of input


yeah me too!

The fastest method of input is by using…
“from sys import stdin” on the top of the code and
Wherever you are using the command ‘input()’ replace it with ‘stdin.readline()’.


well thanks @harsha_man it works for my code

we can even print the output faster using the ‘stdout.write(str(answer))’


Is there any faster way of finding combinations of a list too ?
I’m using itertools.combinations() function and its resulting in TLE error.

Thank’s bro! It is really faster

Though I import stdin, TLE problem is not solved.

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