TLE in Top-Down but AC for Same Bottom-Up in DP

Hello, This is the problem link Problem - D - Codeforces.
I used DP bottom-up approach in one solution and top-down in other solution but top-down is giving TLE can anyone help me out why?

Bottom-Up approach Solution: Submission #114173603 - Codeforces

Top-Down approach Solution : Submission #114173758 - Codeforces

For the TLE version, you are passing v and h to mindis by value instead of reference, which is likely slowing things down a lot.

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Thanks Man!! It worked! Thanks a lot!! :smile:

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If you’re online then please help in my submission of same problem. I don’t know why it is giving WA on test-5. Here’s my commented code I hope it would be easy to understand.

I have corrected some mistakes in your code have a look Submission #114179033 - Codeforces

Thanks for the reply. Upon inspection i found that my first code itself was correct the only culprit was my input for the vertical edges. I was taking the second input in wrong order. Upon changing that It worked :slight_smile:

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