TLG: Code running fine Locally, but codechef compiler shows strange behaviour

Here is my code -
using namespace std;
int main()
int rounds;
int p1, p2, p1_c, p2_c = 0;
int leader = 0, lead = 0;
int tmp_p1 = p1_c-p2_c; // p1 lead
int tmp_p2 = p2_c-p1_c; // p2 lead
if(tmp_p1 > lead)
leader = 1;
lead = tmp_p1;
if(tmp_p2 > lead)
leader = 2;
lead = tmp_p2;
cout<<leader<<" "<<lead<<endl;
It runs fine and gives correct results locally (vscode+gcc on linux). But online codechef compiler shows wrong results. And when i tried to debug by displaying all values after each calculation, i found that int tmp_p1, int tmp_p2 hold strange values if one of the comment lines are commented!. Please help!!!

Link to my solution -

Thank you!