To All the Beginners

Hi guys,
We have created a slack platform, where we will be solving all doubts of beginners regarding competitive coding and we will also help them to solve problems. And this is totally free.;

You can read full post here.

slack channel link-

So feel free to join and start solving.
Read it, and Share it with all your friends, who want to learn cp.



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Is this slack still active? Can’t join through the link

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I am also a beginner here. But will you explain to me why people can’t ask doubts here directly and be more interested in putting it in your slack channel? I see such channels as nothing but those which promote cheating. Seeing the submissions of a tough question of a current long challenge triple in just few hours, can I say that ur channel did it?


aja bhai channel pe dekh le, kya chal rha h,
ghamasaan cheating chal rhi h,

that link expires,
this is new one