To all the experienced Person, What Programming language do you suggest a fresher is best to prepare for Interviews in big companies like F.A.A.N.G?

I am recent graduate and i have decent knowledge of C, Python, Cpp and Java .

I know that it does not matter to a big/good company in which language you code, as long as you are good with DS and Algo concepts and having proper knowledge/experience of even 1 programming language is more than enough.

Still, I want to know what you all think, Whats your view on this topic? and why ?

p.s. I am preparing for job interviews and want to master( skilled-up myself ) in any one language out of Cpp, python or Java .

I am a student myself and when it comes to DS/Algo interviews I always prefer C++. Now you might want to learn some more concepts for the language rather than only DS/Algo as from my experience they can ask some trivial things like how can you create a generic function. So I will advise you to spend time on language in and outs as well. I am saying this because I was once asked (not as the proper question but as a part for the solution I gave)

If we are running

int mid = low + high >> 1;
int val = f(mid);

But what will we do if we want to change f() different queries?

I was not expecting this but was lucky that I learned to pass a function a few days earlier and was able to answer it.