To the point Bit Manipulation Tutorial

Hi Guys, I have compiled a 16 minute video on youtube in which covered all the must known concepts related to bit manipulation like:

  1. Bitwise operators
  2. Precedence
  3. Properties of xor operator
  4. Multiplication and divide by 2^k
  5. Set kth bit
  6. Unset Kth bit
  7. Toggle kth bit
  8. Check if kth bit is set or not
  9. Check if a number odd or even
  10. Check if a number is even directly
  11. Check if a number is power of 2 or not
  12. All Important in built functions in c++ related to bits for int and long long type
  13. Links to some 2-3 basic question for practice

Here is the link: Bit Manipulation
Also Cheat sheet link of the concepts is present in the video description.
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Now, I have started a C++STL course (4 videos up) on my channel

U can find the link to concepts covered in each video in the description.
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